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How to order from the SIAN stocklist.


How to order from the SIAN stocklist.

by Editorial Team

16 Sep 2022

In order for you to order from the SIAN stocklist, you will need the latest stocklist. Register for a wholesale account, and get access to the SIAN store, stocklists and product offers.

Create an account here: Sign up.

Once on the store, click on the download stocklist banner.

SIAN Store - Homepage Preview

After clicking on the banner, you will be directed to our Dropbox folder – filled with the latest stocklists and promotional & ongoing offers. 

  • Click on the SIAN stocklist – this is updated daily, so check back frequently for the latest stock updates. 

  • The document will be automatically downloaded.

  • Click on the download to open the document in excel or similar. 

Once the stocklist is open, you will find a number of columns -let’s break down what each column means.

Stocklist columns titles and meanings:

No: Product SKU assigned by SIAN

Item Category Code: Denotes the product category

EAN: Product Barcode 

Description: Product title 

Med: Products medical status. Products are marked with the medical license required to purchase the item. Products without a medical license can be purchased by anyone. For more information, please get in touch here: Contact us.

Case Size: The number of pieces/ units in a case. Submit orders in cases. 

Layer: The number of units/pieces on a pallet layer. 

Pallet: The number of units/pieces on a pallet. 

Case GBP: Case price in Great British Pounds

GBP: Unit/ piece price in Great British Pounds

EUR: Unit/ piece price in Euros (guide)

USD: Unit/ piece price in US dollars (guide)

Order: Enter your required case quantities. The sale column automatically calculates the cost based on the case price.

Floor stock: Indicates the available inventory in the SIAN UK warehouse.

Due-In: Indicates the quantity of stock due to arrive in the SIAN UK warehouse in the next 7 – 10 days.

Total Stock: Combines floor stock and due in stock.

COO: Country Of Origin – where the product was manufactured. 

Sale: A total of the of your ordered products. 

How to order:

  • To order, fill the order column with your required case quantities (MOQ £5000). 

  • Please save the document with your company name and date, e.g. Order-Yourcompany-date

  • Send it to or your account manager with a requested delivery date so we can work towards your expectations.

If you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

T: +44 (0)1306 621060


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