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Our Big Orange Warehouse

Our Big Orange Warehouse


Our Big Orange Warehouse

by Editorial Team

5 Feb 2021

“Here’s an idea, what if we made our warehouse orange?!” Okay, we didn’t actually paint the warehouse orange, we’ll leave painting doors to the Rolling Stones. 

Instead, we expanded to another warehouse in the Netherlands. The warehouse is situated just west of Amsterdam, within the SEGRO Logistics Centre Rijnlanderweg in Hoofddorp. This has increased our floor space by 6,000sqft, and allowed us to import and export with other EU countries easily.

A few months on since the doors have opened and what once looked like a lot of space, has soon been taken up with an array of stock. Rudolf, a previous Sales Manager, moved overseas to run the business to lead the role of General Manager. Naturally, the team has grown by three (Zaahir, Sirvan and Henry) to manage the expansion. 

Despite the changes Brexit (shudder) has brought, with our new orange warehouse we are able to continually serve our European customer base seamlessly. 

If you are a business looking to order from our NL warehouse, please get in contact with who will send you our stock list where you can create your order.

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Our Big Orange Warehouse