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The Roadmap: A reflection of the past year

The Roadmap: A reflection of the past year


The Roadmap: A reflection of the past year

by Editorial Team

23 Mar 2021

Given the huge disruption that we have experienced over the past 12 months, SIAN has transitioned smoothly into the ‘new norm’ of business.

We welcomed the buzz of digital technology; zoom calls, WhatsApp video calls, and virtual trade shows. All really exciting — and allowed us to mimic ‘normality’ in a sense, and the additional experiment of trying news things out has been a positive experience. 

What did we achieve during the pandemic?

Our approach combines forward-thinking, acting fast and the ability to be agile. 

  • Brexit: We opened a new company and warehouse in the Netherlands. 

  • Expanded our team: We hired over almost a dozen new employees, AND welcomed a Marketing team! Our turnover increased from 2019–2020 regardless of the pandemic and fears within the industry. Our message of simplifying wholesale we think amplified this, and allowed our customers (and new!) to trust us.

  • Website overhaul: After 3 years of trusty service, it was time to update the website. We wanted to make the new website reflect brand personality. It is now faster, easier to navigate, more user-friendly and informative.

  • Flexi-working: Our team adapted extremely well, and the flexi-work approach is actually something we’ve decided we will continue; pandemic or not!

  • On the trot: We are proud to say we have been featured in the Sunday Times Fast Track for a 3rd year in a row.

We are looking forward to 2021!
  • We are so excited to be able to get out to exhibitions and meet our customers, whether that be in Birmingham, Germany or Dubai.

  • Have you ever heard of a summer Christmas party? No nor have we… until we promised our team with one this year! When we are able to we will be throwing SIAN’s biggest celebration. This will be a celebration of a belated Christmas, but also the team’s success throughout the past year. 

  • With the borders opening up we will be able to visit our team over in the NL! We look forward to checking out the new space and see how business is going over there!

The roadmap has provided us all with some well needed dates. We are all very excited to see what the reshaped future will bring!


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The Roadmap: A reflection of the past year