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Working through COVID-19

Working through COVID-19


Working through COVID-19

by Editorial Team

5 Feb 2021

In March, the majority of Head Office quickly shifted from our cosy office building in leafy Surrey to our homes. All of us at SIAN have been adjusting ever since.

As our employees and management teams navigate this ‘new normal’ where work is home and home is work, flexibility, compassion and empathy has become paramount to keep our team performing at maximum potential.

We are so reliant on each and every member of our team who on a daily basis step up to the plate and have been there, working above and beyond when the world needed them the most. To the sales team, purchasing directors, operations and logistics team, warehouse workers, truck drivers, supply chain managers and everyone else in between – we thank you.

We’d also like to give recognition to all of our customers, working tirelessly on the frontline to provide for each and every one of us. We’re truly inspired by your personal commitment to making a difference in these unprecedented and challenging times.

These are the people that are indispensable to our survival and very much work behind the scenes. Without them, our grocery stores are without food, our pharmacies are without medicine, and our hospitals are without vital, life-saving PPE equipment.

So, thank you to the forklift drivers, order pickers, warehouse workers, transporters, and all those who, on a daily basis in our warehouses and the warehouses of our customers ensure the continuity of the supply chain from the factory to the end-user.


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Working through COVID-19